Masanori Misono (味曽野 雅史)

I am a researcher in the Chair of Computer Systems at Department of Computer Science // TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology (CIT), Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, where I lead the OS and Virtualization Group. My research topics include operating systems, virtualization technology, and system software.

Before joining the TUM, I obtained my degree in the Shinagawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, Japan.


  1. [APSys'22] Shu Anzai, Masanori Misono, Ryo Nakamura, Yohei Kuga and Takahiro Shinagawa,
    Towards Isolated Execution at the Machine Level,
    In Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems, Aug 2022.
  2. [SAC'22] Masanori Misono, Toshiki Hatanaka and Takahiro Shinagawa,
    DMAFV: Testing Device Drivers against DMA Faults,
    In Proceedings of the 37th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing, Apr 2022.
  3. [CloudCom'18] Masanori Misono, Masahiro Ogino, Takaaki Fukai and Takahiro Shinagawa,
    FaultVisor2: Testing Hypervisor Device Drivers Against Real Hardware Failures,
    In Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science, Dec 2018.
  4. [DASC'18] Masanori Misono, Kaito Yoshida, Juho Hwang and Takahiro Shinagawa,
    Distributed Denial of Service Attack Prevention at Source Machines,
    In Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing, Aug 2018.

Poster Presentations

  1. [CCS'21] Masanori Misono and Takahiro Shinagawa,
    OS Independent Fuzz Testing of I/O Boundary,
    In Proceedings of the 2021 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Nov 2021.
  2. [SEC'19] Takahiro Shinagawa, Yuki Suzuki, Tomoyuki Nakayama and Masanori Misono,
    The 1-Byte Constant Attack against JIT Compilers,
    Presnted at the 28th USENIX Security Symposium, Aug 2019.

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. [CANDAR'17] Tomoyuki Nakayama, Masanori Misono and Takahiro Shinagawa,
    High-performance and Secure Just-in-time Compiler Protection (preliminary version),
    In Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Networking, Computing, Systems, and Software, Oct 2017.


  1. Joji Toyama, Masanori Misono, Masahiro Suzuki, Kotaro Nakayama and Yutaka Matsuo,
    Neural Machine Translation with Latent Semantic of Image and Text, 2016.
    • The first two authors contributed equally.
    • Arxiv



Awards and Honors


  • 2024 Practical Lab: Advanced Systems Programming
  • 2023/24 Seminar: Operating Systems and Virtualization
  • 2023 Practical Lab: Advanced Systems Programming in C/Rust
  • 2022/23 Seminar: Operating Systems and Virtualization
  • 2022 Practical Lab: Cloud Systems Engineering